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Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

Twilight Quotes pt.1

i got these quotes from .
but i only took a few of them :)

If I were lucky enough to sit by you, I would have talked to you.
Mike Newton, Twilight, Chapter 1, p.26

I vividly remembered the flat black color of his eyes the last time he’d glared at me — the color was striking against the background of his pale skin and his auburn hair. Today, his eyes were a completely different color: a strange ocher, darker than butterscotch, but with the same golden tone.
Bella Swan, Twilight, Chapter 2, p.46

Trust me.
Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 3, p.57

It would be more… prudent for you not to be my friend. But I’m tired of trying to stay away from you, Bella.
Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 4, p.84

The worst part about Friday was that, even though I knew he wasn’t going to be there, I still hoped.
Bella Swan, Twilight, Chapter 6, p.111

It was very… hard — you can’t imagine how hard — for me to simply take you away, and leave them… alive.
Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 8, p.176

It makes me… anxious… to be away from you.
Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 9, p.188

I was distracted all weekend, worrying about you.
Edward Cullen, Twilight, Chapter 9, p.188

About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was part of him — and I didn’t know how potent that part might be — that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.
Bella Swan, Twilight, Chapter 9, p.195

I wanted to close that little distance, to reach out and touch him, but I was afraid he wouldn’t like me to.
Bella Swan, Twilight, Chapter 10, p.199

I can’t be sure — I don’t know how to read minds — but sometimes it seems like you’re trying to say goodbye when you’re saying something else.
Bella Swan, Twilight, Chapter 10, p.210

I was stunned by the unexpected electricity that flowed through me, amazed that it was possible to be more aware of him than I already was. A crazy impulse to reach over and touch him, to stroke his perfect face just once in the darkness, nearly overwhelmed me.
Bella Swan, Twilight, Chapter 11, p.219

His face startled me — his expression was torn, almost pained, and so fiercely beautiful that the ache to touch him flared as strong as before. My goodbye stuck in my throat. He raised his hand, hesitant, conflict raging in his eyes, and then swiftly brushed the length of my cheekbone with his fingertips. His skin was as icy as ever, but the trail his fingers left on my skin was alarmingly warm — like I’d been burned, but didn’t feel the pain of it yet.
Bella Swan, Twilight, Chapter 11, p.220

yep, that's it for today. i love the 9th quote.
maybe i have the same feeling as her to my crush also. but not the 1st and 2nd thing i guess. my crush is a humanbeing not a vampire like Edward :p

full of love and happiness,
divy <3

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